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Hi there,

Welcome to PRIMEr’s home on the blogosphere!

The product that is becoming PRIMEr is a social mobile learning platform that shares videos created by business experts.  Basically, it will allow people to learn “on the go” from business experts who wish to raise their profile by displaying their knowledge and understanding via mobile video.

As the Team creating PRIMEr grows and our concept moves closer to becoming something “real” we decided that it was the right time to start sharing more information about our product.  We also decided that a simple blog would be the most useful vehicle to do this, explaining:

  • What PRIMEr is (and what it isn’t) and what everybody can learn from it
  • How easy it is to create a PRIMEr video and why, as a business expert, you should use mobile video to raise your profile
  • The value and effectiveness of social learning via mobile video
  • Why mobile and mCommerce is the future

As time goes on we envisage this blog becoming an invaluable resource that will help both users and content providers get the most out of PRIMEr, combining our guidance with the wisdom of an active user base.

We’ll also share information on the progress of our Startup as PRIMEr moves from Proof of Concept stage to a fully-fledged product and how you can help us get there!



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