Why would an expert provide video content to PRIMEr?

Good question!

As a Consultant, you know that your product is your expertise. When you pitch to a prospective client you’re selling your knowledge and aptitude to become a trusted advisor to that individual and/or their business.

PRIMEr has been designed to help build awareness of your expertise within a target market of management and knowledge-based professionals who are key influencers in their workplaces. As a social mobile learning video platform PRIMEr will bring together this market of content consumers and business experts who share their expert knowledge via self-created learning video content. As an expert, your content will showcase your expertise to this market, opening up new opportunities to grow your business.

Being a PRIMEr expert will allow you to:

  • Be found by, and interact with, your target market.  PRIMEr’s target audience will explore the web app because they want to interact with and learn from experts like you. Your videos may be online now elsewhere but are they being found by the right people? Are they generating any leads or enhancing your standing in your sector?
  • Quickly establish a mobile presence. Your target market is mobile, are you? PRIMEr will provide the platform for you to showcase yourself on mobile web to your mobile-savvy market.
  • Build your profile as an expert. Providing knowledge to a large professional audience can establish you as a thought-leader in your area of expertise, leading to greater opportunities for your business and career.
  • Develop professionally. Learn from and interact with other experts and peers in your industry.

So, why use video content to market my expertise?

Communicating a message via mobile video content can:

  • Establish personal authenticity. The medium of video lends itself to establishing personal credibility by allowing you to speak with your own voice and communicate with visuals and body language.
  • Efficiently communicate a message. A short video communicating one or two pieces of information can be more effectively understood by an audience than a blog post or article in a professional journal.
  • Be created quickly and cheaply. YouTube has proven that online video need not have high production values to be watched and shared widely, a fact even more true for mobile video. A short video on your topic will likely take less time to script and film than a blog post takes to prepare.
  • Be more effective than other forms of advertising. Most advertising delivers no value to the consumer and is generally disruptive. On PRIMEr, by showcasing your expertise you are both adding value at the same time as marketing your business.

If you’re a business expert and you’d like to know more about how you can be involved with PRIMEr at this stage we’d love to hear from you.

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