Powering Crowd-learning: The Viewer to Curator Journey

It took a while for us to work it out but eventually we realised that if we were to create a “crowd learning” ecosystem we were wrong to simply see our potential users as divided into the strict categories of Content Providers and Learners. Of course, some users will never have the aptitude to become creators of quality video content (as judged by the platform’s users) but ultimately every user interacting within our ecosystem will not only be consumers of learning content but also creators and curators of content by the very act of sharing, and discussing.  It is the “Viewer to Curator” journey that powers the ecosystem.

So, what is “content curation” and why is it important?  At the moment it’s super cool with online marketers mainly based on the popularity of Pinterest.  Curation is essentially the gathering of Content relating to a particular topic, collected and curated in the one place and shared with the world.  Not only does this help drive an audience interested in that topic (and potentially a particular product) to a particular site but also to particular products and / or providers. Curation can be carried out by a platform, app or site itself or, more powerfully, by users themselves as part of a content ecosystem.

In the context of “crowd learning”, curation allows for individual, tailored casual learning courses.  The curation of videos into topical playlists or curation via sharing PRIMEr video content on external social media platforms enhances the reach and power of the platform to turn video Content Providers  into thought leaders in their areas and develop the prestige of the platform itself.  Curation also allows learners to share the highest quality content playlists with others with similar interests to complete their own casual learning in a particular area.

So, what about The Viewer to Curator journey?  We can see this as a simple process…



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