PRIMEr’s Startup Journey – Lessons Learned

Startup Tip #2: Use your networks

It’s not exactly the opposite of crowd-sourcing (that would be, literally, something dismal, emo-sounding like “Personal Fail” or “Individual end” depending on the emo-band-name-generator app you’re using) but using your real life networks to find the expertise you need to get things going for your Startup is the opposite in that you collaborate and work closely with people you already trust and have connected with somehow in the past.

Let’s get one thing straight, PRIMEr loves the crowd, we adore the crowd, we want to be part of the crowd so we can learn with them, have babies and settle down in suburbs with the crowd and do crosswords on Sunday mornings with  it… but the most important factor in bringing on associates into your Startup and having them work with you (based on the statistically unlikely scenario that they will become billionaires or at least end up with a cushy job where they spend all day in a hipster, inner-city loft reclining in a giant, novelty 8-Ball beanbag coming up with crap ideas like Google glasses) is individual trust.

Unless you’ve spent your whole working and academic life being a completely unlikeable d-bag then perhaps you’ll struggle in this department, but most of us will have built up a sizeable network after spending a few post-Study years in the corporate world.  Use it.  LinkedIn has made it pretty easy to keep track of them and approach them with your ideas.  Your idea will already have more credibility with them because it’s coming from you and perhaps you’ll have found your new developer, evangelist or just a new member of your Startup’s Crowd.

It seems obvious but it was amazing how long it took PRIMEr to go from “let’s be cool and use social media to find a kick-ass developer” to making simple use of our personal networks to find people who already trusted us enough to take the time to believe in what we’re doing.

And they’re the best kind of people to work with. 



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