No Buts, No Barriers… Engaging using Learning Video

This week PRIMEr re-tweeted a link to a FastCompany article, Why Short-Form Video Is The Future Of Marketing. It was a top read, being pretty much on the money when it came to describing the growing importance of video content marketing.

 “I predict the next 5-10 years will be huge for video marketing online. Brands are moving further away from direct advertising, whose metrics that are hard to calculate, and into original video content — content that is created not to sell but to engage.”

We couldn’t agree more!  Engaging with your audience via video content is and will become an even greater feature of the way companies connect with their customers.

However, the article lost us somewhere near the end when the author described the apparent lack of barriers to being part of this brave new world of content marketing. The message being that with the high standard of consumer video products you could create something BUT it was unlikely that you could achieve anything by it…

 “To create truly high-quality content, you must be a storyteller. You must be able to pull together a large selection of shots and content and pare it down into a manageable short-form video that will engage an audience.”

This is where we realised we and the author weren’t really thinking about the same content or the same content-producers. The article was referring to “cool” FMCG brands (and other brands who want to be “cool”) who are already spending millions on branding who want to earn some extra hipster street-cred by creating a viral video.

But what of the millions of businesses worldwide whose product is the credibility and expertise of their people, who want to grow their brand and want to engage with their customers with video content marketing?  There are no barriers, and no buts.

If your product is you and your advice then creating a viral video featuring, say, stop-motion animation Lego figures will clearly make you look like an ass-hat, rather than a trusted advisor.  On the other hand, a simple video of you delivering some valuable information to an audience will help establish you as a professional.

No special effects, no stop-motion Lego animation, just some decent light, a microphone and a webcam.  No barriers, no buts, just engagement and credibility.


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